The Impact of ISSB Standards Across APAC

Novata CSRD Checklist: 7 Simple Steps. Graphic of two tablets with the CSRD checklist on the screen against a teal background.

How to Prepare for the CSRD: A Comprehensive Checklist

Aligning with SBTi: Applications for GPs and Private Companies

ESG_VC and Novata

Shaping the Future of Startups: Q&A with Henry Philipson on the ESG_VC Framework

ESRS E1: Climate Change at a Glance [Infographic]

Getting Started with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)

A Starter’s Guide to Building a Carbon Inventory 

Novata CSRD Simplified

ESRS Data Points: What Are They and How Do They Relate to the CSRD?

Five Best Practices to Ensure ESG Compliance

Novata: Regulations Simplified

Regulatory Update: UK SDR Anti-Greenwashing Rule

Novata CSRD Simplified

Understanding the Global Impact of the CSRD

Novata Key Takeaways: 5 Ways GPs Can Align with LP Expectations on ESG Strategy

Key Takeaways: 5 Ways GPs Can Align with LP Expectations on ESG Strategy

CSRD Reporting: Understanding Double Materiality

CSRD Unpacked: Enforcement, Compliance, and Penalties

Novata Regulations Simplified

Regulatory Overview: Sustainability-Related APAC Regulations

Novata Q&A with Hellman & Friedman's Zomo Fisher on Bridging the GP-LP Gap

Listen: Bridging the GP-LP Gap with H&F’s Zomo Fisher

Five Regulations Shaping ESG Reporting for US Investors

Unlocking Accountability: Takeaways from Novata’s Carbon and Regulation Event

Snapshot of dashboard from Novata platform against a landscape background.

Three Ways GPs Can Leverage ESG Data From Portfolio Companies

Navigating Greenwashing Perspectives and Mitigation Strategies

The Five Types of Greenwashing

Financed Emissions: Navigating the Basics for Investors

Carbon Data Assurance: What Investors Need to Know

The Impact of the SEC’s Climate Disclosure Rule on the Private Markets

Seven Factors to Consider When Choosing an ESG Data Software

Novata CA Regulations Simplified

Regulatory Overview: California’s SB 54 for Venture Capital

Novata CSRD Simplified

Reporting Readiness: How the CSRD Aligns with Existing ESG Disclosures

What US Investors Should Know About ESG Regulations

Embracing the Future: Insights from Novata’s Inaugural Climate Network Event

Novata CSRD Simplified

Three Considerations for Preparing for CSRD Compliance

Novata SFDR Simplified

The Essential Checklist for Successful Principal Adverse Impact (PAI) Reporting 

Novata Q&A with Mark Fischel, Carbon Product Lead at Novata. Simplifying the Carbon Journey

Simplifying the Carbon Journey: Q&A on Novata’s New Carbon Navigator

The Business Case for Measuring Carbon Emissions

Navigating ESG Regulations: UK’s SDR vs EU’s SFDR

What Are Scopes 1, 2, and 3 Carbon Emissions?

Connecting the Dots of European ESG Regulations

The Private Markets’ Role in Advancing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals 

Novata Webinar Key Takeaways: Best Practices for Accelerating Your ESG Strategy

Key Takeaways: Accelerating an ESG Strategy in Private Equity

Walking a Tightrope: Striking a Balance Between Proprietary Metrics and ESG Standards

Closing the Gap on Gender Diversity in Private Markets

Understanding SFDR Mandatory and Additional PAI Indicators

The ESG Data Convergence Initiative Introduces Three New Metrics

Looking Ahead: An SFDR Forecast for 2024 and Beyond

How Private Markets Can Lead the Charge on DEI

Novata SFDR Simplified

SFDR Reporting Requirements: What’s Actually Needed from a Private Equity Perspective

Simplifying Impact Measurement for Investors

Key Differences Between ESG and Impact Investing

Invest Europe and Novata logos on landscape image

ESG Reporting in Europe: Aligning on the Metrics that Matter

What Is ESG Benchmarking?

Reflections from a B Keeper: Novata’s B Corp Certification Journey

Two Years of Novata: A Note from Our CEO

What ISSB’s New Sustainability Standards Mean for Private Markets

Behind Novata’s ESG Benchmarks: Q&A with Novata’s Head of Data Science

Novata Benchmarks in Action: ESG Policy Trends from Private Markets

Set New Standards for ESG Performance with Novata Benchmarks

Leveraging Technology to Simplify Carbon Accounting in Private Markets

Novata’s Approach to Sustainable UI Design

Driving ESG Performance through Effective Portfolio Engagement

Turning Target 15 into Private Market Action on Biodiversity

Key Takeaways: Analyzing ESG Data to Understand Performance

How to Create Value with ESG Data

Q&A: Assurance for the Private Markets 

Why Context Is Key for Understanding ESG Performance

One Year of the Novata Platform: Advancing the Metrics that Matter

The Role of Data in Avoiding Greenwashing Claims

I’ve Collected My ESG Data. Now What?

Target 15 of the Global Biodiversity Framework: Key Takeaways for the Private Sector

Carbon accounting seems really complex. It doesn’t have to be.

Breaking Down the Principal Adverse Impacts Under SFDR

Why GPs Should Care About Pay Equity Within Their Portfolio

Sustainable from the Start: Recapping Novata’s Journey

Novata SFDR Simplified

Four Considerations for Preparing for SFDR

A Note from Novata’s CEO on Series B Funding

Three Areas to Track to Measure Progress on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Why Biodiversity Loss Demands a Seat at the Table

Increasing ESG data transparency in private markets

Four Tactics for Building the Business Case for ESG

Novata’s Take: Four Lessons on ESG in 2022

Why Private Markets Should Prioritize ESG

Aligning on ESG Reporting: Insights from the 2022 ILPA Summit

Identifying the ESG Metrics that Matter for Your Private Equity Firm

4 Considerations for Building an ESG Strategy for Private Equity

Using ESG to Assess Risks and Value Creation in Private Markets

How Regulatory Changes Are Driving ESG Disclosures in Private Markets

3 Reasons You Should Be Developing Your ESG Strategy Now

The World Is on Fire. Here Are Four Metrics to Track Impact On Climate Change

Racial Diversity on Private Company Boards: A Novata Q&A with Advisory Council Member Linda Hill

You’re Already Doing ESG: Here’s How to Make It Official

Empowering Private Companies to Act Following the SEC Climate Disclosure Proposal

4 Ways to Advance DEI in Private Markets

Women’s History Month: How to Support Women During the Transition Back to Office

Breaking Down the Climate Disclosure Ecosystem

The Novata Commitment