ESG Data Strategy

Novata Services specializes in using data to design ESG data collection strategies that fit your business needs and help you achieve your sustainability initiatives.

Design a Strategy that Delivers Results

We use market insights from the thousands of private companies reporting on the Novata platform, relevant themes from SASB’s financial industries, and data science to define the metrics that matter and your objectives for tracking them. 

Our team at Novata Services works with you to design a process to gather the ESG data that focuses on the most material aspects of your company’s strategy, is aligned with recognized standards and frameworks, and can be measured to effectively understand performance.

We’ll help you evaluate data quality and set clear goals to enhance the value you get from your data strategy and sustainability initiatives. 

We can also directly manage your ESG data collection workflow, oversee the collection process with your data providers, and provide a real-time quality of reported metrics.

From collecting relevant ESG metrics to evaluating and improving sustainability performance, we guide you through every step needed to put your data strategy into action.