Collect ESG Data at Scale


Integrate ESG into due diligence with a basic framework that is right-sized for your borrowers. Align to standards, such as SFDR or ESG DCI, or create custom metrics. View our ESG Metrics Guide →


Request data directly from a portfolio company or request a sponsor to report data on behalf of the portfolio company.  De-duplication mechanisms and our GP-to-PC data workflow reduces GPs time-to-report to lenders.

Novata’s step-by-step guidance and AI-powered guardrails make responding to your ESG data requests easy for recipients. Learn more about the reporting experience →

Your Novata Dashboard keeps you posted on the reporting progress of your recipients, and our intuitive communication tools make it easy to follow up when necessary.

Take advantage of a comprehensive set of ESG benchmarks. Inform your financing activities with clear understanding of portfolio companies’ ESG performance.
Angelo Gordon is proud to partner with other industry leaders on the Novata GP Advisory Committee and welcomes the opportunity to provide insight into the evolving expectations for ESG measurement and reporting in private credit from the GP, legal, and accounting perspectives.

Allison Binns

Global Head of ESG & Sustainable Investing Strategy, Angelo Gordon