General Partner
Advisory Committee

We are grateful to have the guidance of our General Partner Advisory
Committee-a group of leading private investment firms who embody purpose and authenticity in their approach to ESG.

What Our
Committee Says

At THL, we believe that effective ESG practices can positively impact the performance of our Firm, private equity funds and portfolio companies. We look forward to sharing our insights and collaborating with Novata and its LP and GP advisory committees on this important ESG initiative.


Arthur Price
Managing Director
Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P.
KPS takes pride in its constructive approach to investing. We believe that nothing matters more than people. We look forward to advocating for the concerns of working people as part of the GP Advisory Council.


Raquel Palmer
Co-Managing Partner
KPS Capital Partners, L.P.
Uniting purpose and profit is the foundation of our investment thesis, and transparency is critical to holding our firm and the entire private equity community accountable. We are excited to partner with Novata to develop effective ESG measurement and benchmarking tools for the PE community.


Kip Kirkpatrick & Marty Nesbitt
Senior Partners,
Co-Chairmen, and Co-CEOs
The Vistria Group
We are committed to the tenets of responsible investing and believe the private markets have a responsibility to better manage and track ESG performance to not only generate strong investment returns, but to also make a positive impact on society and its future.


José E. Feliciano
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Clearlake Capital Group
At Kohlberg, we concentrate on creating and measuring value, and we apply the same focus to our ESG efforts. Novata will facilitate adoption of ESG best practices, not just for GPs and LPs but also for portfolio companies. It’s a significant step forward.


Samuel Frieder
Managing Partner
Kohlberg & Co.
We invest to solve global challenges. Summa was founded on the idea of integrating sustainability factors as tools for value creation, and we invest solely in companies whose core business contributes positively to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals. Our companies are supporting a world in transition and showing that business can be part of the solution.


Reynir Indahl
Founder and Managing Partner
Summa Equity
SkyKnight is committed to ESG best practices, which we strongly believe will benefit our firm, our portfolio companies, and our investors. We are proud to partner with Novata to track and develop industry defining ESG data and positively impact our global community. We are excited to be a part of the Novata GP advisory committee, which we view as a true thought leader in ESG for private equity.


Mara Hunt
Partner and COO
SkyKnight Capital