SFDR Simplified

SFDR Simplified

Navigate the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation with Novata. Our platform and expert services provide end-to-end support — from identifying fund classifications to PAI readiness, data checks, and more.

Combining ESG Software with Expert Support

Pre-Disclosure Guidance

Lean into Novata’s SFDR expertise to understand your fund’s classification opportunities, implement SFDR and EU Taxonomy due diligence questionnaires, or prepare a robust PAI Statement.

Automated PAI Reporting

Novata’s in-platform, digitized PAI reporting tool delivers a streamlined solution to collect, calculate, aggregate, and report your PAI Statement.

Bespoke Support

Go beyond a technology solution and gain a team of experts that deliver unparalleled guidance to support you and your portfolio companies along your SFDR and broader ESG journey.

Novata SFDR Solutions

Classification Readiness

Gain a better understanding of what direction to take when classifying your funds as either Article 6, 8, or 9. Supported by our Services team, Novata provides clarity through our Classification Readiness assessment to guide firms in the right direction – whether that be for your first Article classification or if you’re at a crossroads and want to explore the potential to reclassify existing funds.

Work with us to undertake a gap analysis and benchmarking exercise for you to understand the potential positioning of new funds during the launch or fundraising phases of the investment lifecycle or the potential re-classification of existing funds.

Gain clarity on the goals of the fund, the product types, and sustainable investment potential while screening with frameworks such as the EU Taxonomy or the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to identify the appropriate classification.

Use our recommendations report and implementation roadmap to support your next steps.

In-Platform Due Diligence

Still using an Excel-based questionnaire for ESG and SFDR due diligence? Novata can digitize this process for you, ensuring you have a streamlined, easy-to-use questionnaire to track your metrics and demonstrate value creation from pre-acquisition through to exit.

Using the Novata platform, you can strengthen your ESG and SFDR due diligence process and centralize your sustainability risks in one place to incorporate elements such as your existing exclusionary list, ESG issues (by geography, topic, or industry), and SFDR or EU Taxonomy considerations.

PAI Data Readiness

Are you considering opting-in to PAI reporting? Or are you facing pressure to collect and report the PAI indicators? Our PAI readiness assessment can help you to understand how prepared you are for the SFDR PAI reporting by spot-checking portfolio company data and assessing the quality, accuracy, and completeness.

We understand that having a complete and good quality PAI statement takes time. That’s why we provide recommendations and action plans for improvement to strengthen your PAI reporting process whether you’re reporting on a mandatory basis or opting-in on a voluntary basis.

PAI Reporting Platform and Data Collection

Take the manual labor out of the PAI Statement and simplify the reporting process. Novata provides an in-platform PAI Statement solution, which includes the collation of the PAI indicators, in-platform calculations which are aligned with SFDR guidance, and the ability to consolidate the information at either the entity level or fund level.

Supporting you to develop a PAI Statement which includes investee companies, sovereigns and supranationals, and real estate assets, Novata enhances portfolio company buy-in with easy to read, step-by-step guidance built into the platform and live support to ensure quality data collection for PAI reporting.

Most importantly, we’re helping our clients to tackle the complexity of the SFDR PAI calculations by building these into our in-platform solution. Simply send your data request to your portfolio, input your financial data, and let Novata do the rest for you.

ESG Technology with a Human Touch

Technology alone can’t solve every challenge a firm faces in developing and deploying a value-oriented sustainability strategy.

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For SFDR operational expertise, legal expertise, and data assurance, see Novata’s partnership network.

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Novata SFDR Simplified

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Simplify SFDR with Novata

We know that technology alone can’t solve every challenge a firm faces in developing and deploying a value-oriented sustainability strategy.

Our team of experts acts as an extension of your team to accelerate, enhance, and optimize your ESG journey.

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