Performance Insights with ESG Benchmarks

Analyzing ESG data is key to understanding ESG performance. Unlock the full picture of your portfolio’s performance with Novata’s private markets’ ESG benchmarks.

Our Methodology

Novata Benchmarks include hundreds of universal and sector benchmarks for peer and sector comparisons.

We employ a rigorous, iterative approach designed to create robust and completely anonymized performance indicators specific to the private markets.

Transparency = Confidence

For each benchmark, we provide underlying details so you can easily and confidently assess performance. Details include: count of contributing companies, fill rates, last update, geographic biases within the dataset, quartile values, company size distribution, and — if applicable — notifications when a metric should be normalized by revenue or FTE.

Know What Good Looks Like

By easily comparing your company or portfolio’s performance to peers, you gain clear insights into where you might under- or over-perform relative to your ESG strategy. Leverage these insights to manage risk, take action, and communicate value.

Set New Standards for the Metrics that Matter

Novata’s in-platform analytics and benchmarks provide you with tools to contextualize the metrics that matter to your firm — and leverage those insights to set new standards for performance.

Novata Benchmarks (the “Benchmarks”) are intended for informational purposes only and are neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional advice. The Benchmarks represent industry averages and do not represent the specific performance of any individual company, fund, product, or service. Read the full disclaimer.