Set New Standards for the Metrics
That Matter

Analyzing ESG data is key to understanding ESG performance. Novata’s in-platform analytics and benchmarks, built on data from thousands of contributing companies, provide you with tools to contextualize the metrics that matter to your firm — and leverage those insights to set new standards for performance.

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Data used in Novata Benchmarks is actual reported data from Novata contributors, de-identified and aggregated, and specific to the private markets.

Collect, Benchmark, Report

Novata makes ESG easy and practical for private markets.

Collect High-Quality Data

Novata makes ESG data collection simple, providing industry expertise and clear guidance for investors and portfolio companies — ensuring the data you receive is high quality and comparable.

Compare Relevant Data

See how your portfolio companies perform against similar companies. Novata Benchmarks are aggregated from the thousands of companies on the platform, enabling you to compare ESG data to (de-identified) industry peers.

Discover Actionable Insights

Novata’s intuitive data analytics and data visualization tools make it easy to understand your data and identify actionable insights to improve portfolio company performance.

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Unlock the full picture of your portfolio's ESG performance with Novata Benchmarks.

Novata Benchmarks (the “Benchmarks”) are intended for informational purposes only and are neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional advice. The Benchmarks represent industry averages and do not represent the specific performance of any individual company, fund, product, or service. Read the full disclaimer.