ESG for Private Markets

For the metrics that matter to your firm, we make data collection, reporting, and insights easy and practical for private markets.


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The Right Metrics for Your Needs

Novata’s tools are tailored for private markets to make collecting the metrics that matter easy. Start by choosing the metrics that reflect your ESG priorities. Baseline metrics are an easy place to begin, add on advanced metrics, or integrate metrics you’re already using to customize to your needs.

Insightful Analytics for Context

To optimize your portfolio and make informed decisions, you need the ability to view your data in context. Our benchmarking tools enable you to compare ESG data against public and private market industry averages and identify opportunities for improvement.


Insightful Reporting for Impact

Highlighting your ESG improvement tomorrow requires measuring a baseline for comparison today. Our platform lets you easily share reporting and analytics about your portfolio at the fund level to key stakeholders. You control access to data and permissioning to communicate your specific ESG performance to the right audience.


Seamless Data Management

The portfolio company is at the center of our customized experience. We provide clear step-by-step guidance in our platform and a Customer Support team that’s ready to help. A better experience for portfolio companies reduces work for general partners and results in higher quality data.

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