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Seamless ESG Data Management

From metric definitions to difficulty ratings to calculators, our user-friendly tools and team of experts deliver a supported and secure ESG data collection experience for you and your portfolio companies.

Right-Sized Carbon Accounting

Novata has technology and expert services to measure Scopes 1–3, align with PCAF standards and carbon-related regulations, report emissions, and develop strategies for carbon performance and risk management.

Simplified Regulatory Expertise & Guidance

Our ESG experts help you transform compliance from a box-ticking exercise into a strategic approach to risk management and performance improvement.

Measurable Business Impact

Novata Benchmarks and our data visualization tools let you translate ESG trends and sustainability insights into compelling business-aligned narratives and action items.

Technology and Services for Private Markets Worldwide

The ESG regulatory landscape is evolving and firms need more than technology to ensure compliance. Novata’s Services team works with a global client base to navigate regional and international regulations and meet changing requirements.

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Sustainable Insights

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