Boost Your Portfolio Services

Easy Data Collection

Novata’s platform ensures high quality data and strong fill rates by giving your portfolio companies access to guidance, calculators, and AI-powered guardrails that simplify the process of reporting ESG data.


Increase your competitive advantage to attract investment opportunities by offering Novata’s analytics as a portfolio service — so companies can easily understand their performance relative to peers.


Ease the reporting burden on portfolio companies. Novata makes it secure and easy  to share data with additional investors on the Novata platform, saving companies time when responding to multiple disclosures or requests.

ESG for Every Stage

Request Stage-Appropriate Metrics

Choose from widely used metrics and build ESG frameworks that can be scaled to meet the unique needs of different groups of companies in your portfolio.

Build Resilient Portfolios

Capture data-driven insights on key areas of risk and opportunity with your portfolio companies.

For example, with Novata you can easily see which companies in your tech portfolio have a cybersecurity policy — and for those that don’t, take action with them to create one. 

Set an ESG Foundation

Embedding ESG data collection and reporting early in a company’s development reduces costs and complexities as it grows. 

Novata Services helps companies understand the metrics that matter to their sustainability goals, get started with ESG data collection, and optimize performance.

“So many investors still focus on the risks, but ESG can also represent an opportunity — particularly if you’re addressing it early on.”

Rosalind Bazany

Partner and Head of ESG and Impact, Antler

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