Dashboard Creator

Build intelligence analytics with Novata’s powerful in-platform data visualization tool.

Tailored Analytics

Create custom data visualizations and analytics powered by the data you’ve collected in the Novata platform and the Novata benchmarks. 

Save time and effort with a suite of tools to drill into a specific fund, portfolio company, or reporting period.

Dashboard Templates

Use the Novata templates to analyze the issue areas that matter most to your firm or as a starting point to create custom dashboards.

Templates focus on portfolio company engagement, firm strategy and analysis, external reporting and engagement, and private company reporting.

Company Insights

See the breakdown of ESG metrics and company information completed during the reporting process.

Easily scan data submitted for each metric, compare to prior year submissions, and benchmark against peers to quickly discover performance improvements and areas for action.

ESG Insights & Analytics Toolkit

The ESG Insights & Analytics Toolkit is an all-in-one resource for external reporting, delivering a range of assets that can be used together to create a comprehensive, public-facing sustainability report, or used independently to create factsheets, investor presentations, case studies, webpages, and more.

Communicate and Report

The Novata platform lets you easily share analytics and insights.

Download and export performance data in a variety of formats

Seamlessly send data directly to your S&P Global iLevel instance

Directly report to the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI)

Get insight into performance
against similar companies.