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Maximize your investment in ESG with Novata Services. Led by our team of sustainability experts, we offer data strategy, regulatory, and carbon solutions designed for measurable business outcomes.

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Data Strategy & Optimization

“Essentials” Package

to Get You Started

Build a strong ESG foundation with our results-oriented approach. We work with you to identify the metrics that matter to your firm, enhance portfolio company engagement, ensure high data quality, and effectively communicate your sustainability objectives.

Identify key ESG metrics with our data-driven approach. We use market insights and best practices to focus on the metrics that are most important to your business.

Our specialists collaborate with your portfolio companies to establish and manage an efficient data collection workflow. Our real-time reviews guarantee top-quality data to accurately inform business decisions.

Transform data into decisions with our storytelling approach. We craft business-aligned narratives from your data with a robust ESG Insights & Analytics Toolkit to meet a range of your reporting needs.

“Optimize” Package
to Enhance Your Current Data

Make your ESG data work harder for you. Our expert team will analyze and optimize your processes, uncover key improvement areas, enhance portfolio company engagement and data quality, and provide strategic insights to boost performance.

We review last year’s data for completeness, quality, and strategic alignment, and then create a plan to improve your data collection workflow.

Our team collaborates with your portfolio companies to implement optimization tactics and consistently review your data to ensure high quality.

Building on your previous ESG performance, we analyze trends and insights and translate them into clear, business-aligned stories. Assets to highlight performance are included in our robust ESG Insights & Analytics Toolkit, which you can use to meet diverse reporting demands.

Regulatory Expertise & Guidance

Simplify your ESG compliance journey. Our regulatory experts keep you informed and on track with the most important and recent updates. We make data collection and disclosure efficient and accurate, and we help you maximize the results of your efforts by transforming compliance from a box-ticking exercise into a strategic approach to risk management and performance improvement.


Carbon Services

Our dedicated team of carbon experts make carbon accounting simple. We adapt your GHG data collection workflow to your business’s current processes and maturity level, ensuring accurate emissions measurement, a clear roadmap for reporting, and strategies for performance improvement.

Get the Most Out of Your ESG Data

Relying on tech isn’t enough.

To develop and deploy a value-oriented sustainability strategy, collaborate with our experts to accelerate, enhance, and optimize your ESG journey.

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