Flexible Carbon Tools to Match Your Needs

Estimate Your Emissions

Novata’s Basic Estimator, powered by Change Climate, offers a user-friendly, three-step approach to return estimates derived from industry and region-specific spend averages.

Calculate a Carbon Inventory

Use the Novata Carbon Navigator to rapidly calculate Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, directly from the platform. No prior expertise required.

Report Your Emissions

Have full confidence in reporting your emissions and meeting regulatory requirements with an investor-grade audit trail built-in to the Novata Carbon Navigator.

Track Progress to Targets

Input your carbon targets and visualize your progress in alignment with the latest recommendations for climate action. For SBTi, Novata Services can work with you to:

Align to PCAF Standards

Tackle financed emissions calculation and analysis with the support of Novata’s experts.

Upskill with Carbon Services

Carbon accounting seems complex. Our Navigator+ services, led by our carbon experts, makes it simple.

Companies subject to SFDR or CSRD are required to provide emissions data. Novata can help.

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