Portfolio Companies

Collecting and reporting ESG data is a new process for many companies. From metric definitions to difficulty ratings to calculators, we provide a library of guidance and user-friendly tools to deliver a supported and secure data collection experience.

Collecting the
Metrics that Matter


While many companies are beginning to self-report on the metrics that matter to their firm, your first introduction to collecting ESG data may be from an investor requesting information. Investors working with Novata will typically reach out with an email that provides their expectations and a welcome to the Novata platform.

Sample welcome email to the Novata platform
Sample Novata Customer Support Chat

As part of your onboarding, you’ll have access to the Customer Success Team to host training sessions, provide metric guidance, and connect you with the broader Novata team and tools. You’ll also have access to chat, email support, and our Knowledge Base.


Investors all approach ESG portfolio engagement differently. Depending on your investor’s strategy, they may reach out about next steps after you submit your report. We recommend a best practice to document your processes, data owners, and length of time to collect, so that the process of data collection and answering questions can be repeated and iterable.

What to Expect When Using Novata

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