May 2, 2024

Listen: Bridging the GP-LP Gap with H&F’s Zomo Fisher

With GPs receiving increasing LP requests for ESG data, how can they best meet the demand while managing expectations? Summer Jacobs, Engagement Marketing Manager at Novata, recently sat down with Zomo Fisher, Head of Sustainability and ESG at private equity firm Hellman & Friedman (H&F), to discuss strengthening collaboration on ESG.

Zomo joined H&F in 2022 and leads the firm’s strategy on ESG and sustainability while supporting portfolio companies to identify and deliver value creation and risk mitigation opportunities using ESG as a lens. Zomo has over 15 years of experience advising corporates on sustainability across various sectors, including energy, consumer goods, technology and finance. He previously worked in-house as VP of Sustainability at Lundin Energy, a Sustainability Director with Accenture, and a Sustainability Consultant at ERM, supporting both large public and private companies in creating their sustainability strategies. Zomo is also a representative of Novata’s General Partner Advisory Committee, a group of leading private investment firms embodying purpose and authenticity in their approach to ESG. 

In this conversation, Zomo and Summer explore advice for GPs on communicating with LPs around ESG, managing expectations on sharing material data, balancing transparency with resource management, and building trust with LPs. Listen to the full conversation for more.