November 15, 2023

Why VCs Should Require Startups to Track ESG Metrics

In private markets, tracking material ESG metrics can help companies identify existing and emerging risks and opportunities to create long-term value. In this episode of the Sustainable Finance Podcast, Elizabeth Meyer, Chief Legal Officer at Novata, and Rosalind Bazany, Partner and Head of ESG and Impact at Antler, sit down with host Paul Ellis to discuss the benefits for venture capital firms requiring the companies they fund to track these metrics from the start.

Topics covered include:

  • The state of ESG in the venture capital industry
  • Why VC firms should require entrepreneurs to track ESG metrics for the long term
  • Identifying material metrics and overcoming challenges with prioritizing ESG
  • What the future holds for ESG in VC

This episode of the Sustainable Finance Podcast originally aired on September 2, 2023.