May 9, 2023

Analyzing ESG Data: How to Understand Performance on the Metrics that Matter

Congratulations, you’ve collected ESG data across your portfolio. But how do you actually make sense of it? Analyzing and contextualizing ESG data is key for private market investors to understand ESG performance. In order to improve performance over time, however, investors have to prioritize areas of focus.

The goal of this webinar is to provide investors who collect ESG data with tools on how to understand their data and leverage it to inform their engagement strategy. Featuring a panel of investors across the private markets, this discussion explored how to get started with analyzing ESG data, how to identify value creation and risk mitigation opportunities, and best practices for engaging the portfolio on ESG.

Speakers include:

  • Sarah Green-Vieux, Head of Research & Education, Novata
  • Dakota Gangi, VP, ESG & Sustainable Investing Strategy, Angelo Gordon
  • Avantika Saisekar, Managing Director, Wafra
  • Sanaz Raczynski, Managing Director, Sustainability, Kohlberg