Novata Subprocessor List

Last modified: February 24, 2023

Novata, Inc. and Novata UK Limited use certain subprocessors to support the delivery of the Novata services. The following is a list of the name(s), locations(s) and activities of the suppliers to Novata, Inc. and Novata UK Limited.

Infrastructure suppliers

Entity NamePurpose / services providedCountry location(s)
OktaManages user identities and authentication credentialsUnited States
Launch DarklyManages feature flag configurationsUnited States
SegmentDelivers user data to other servicesUnited States
DataDogProvides monitoring and observability metrics, including real user monitoring to identify and debug defectsUnited States
AtlassianProvides tools to help plan and deliver softwareUnited States
SlackProvides internal communication for staff at NovataUnited States
AWSProvides infrastructure and hosting for Novata’s apps and servicesUnited States
BrowserstackFacilitates testing of Novata’s apps and servicesUnited States
HubSpotProvides customer insight, sales and support toolsUnited States
PlanhatProvides customer insights and trendsUnited States
AmplitudeProvides metrics relating to application usageUnited States
Google WorkspaceProvides a suite of tools used for communication and document creation across NovataUnited States
Railsware Products Studio, Inc.Allows testing email templates and formattingUnited States
GongRecording of customer conversations when permission is givenUnited States
DealHub Ltd.Provides tools for facilitating signing of contracts by clients Israel
Evisort Inc.Contract management softwareUnited States
Productboard, Inc.Project management platformUnited States
Climate Neutral Carbon footprint estimation software United States

Professional service partners

Entity NamePurpose / services providedCountry location(s)
DataTruth LimitedDevelopment and testing of components of software platformUnited Kingdom
Credera Enterprises Company, LLCSecurity Engineering, Operations and Strategic Consulting ServicesUnited States, United Kingdom
BBD Software LtdSoftware engineering servicesUnited Kingdom
Exadel Poland Sp. z.o.o.Software engineering servicesPoland
Access Avidity LtdSoftware engineering servicesUnited Kingdom
SR2 Rec LimitedSoftware engineering servicesUnited Kingdom
Zest for Tech LtdSoftware engineering servicesUnited Kingdom
InfoRacer Technologies, LLCIT Support and Systems AccessUnited States

Personal Service Companies

Entity / Individual NamePurpose / services providedCountry location(s)
Code Circle Ltd.Software engineering servicesUnited Kingdom
MShanturSoftware engineering servicesThe Netherlands
Audience Studio LimitedSoftware engineering servicesUnited Kingdom
Chinicato Ltd.Software engineering servicesUnited Kingdom
Eric Feng WangSoftware engineering servicesUnited States
CM Russell LimitedSoftware engineering servicesUnited Kingdom
Inachus ManagementSoftware engineering servicesUnited Kingdom