ESG Software for
Private Markets

Designed to be an independent intermediary for the private markets, Novata’s secure and intuitive technology platform empowers private equity firms and private companies to easily navigate the complex ESG landscape.  LEARN MORE →
A Clear Starting Point

Selecting ESG Metrics

Novata’s framework builder makes it easy to decide which ESG data to collect, by giving you access to commonly used frameworks and widely used metrics. Each metric has a clear definition, a list of frameworks in which it appears, and an assessment of how difficult it will be to report.

Metric Building Blocks

Our framework builder tool provides you with a clear starting point for your ESG journey based on your company needs.

Metric Mapping

We’ve done the hard work for you in identifying the key metrics and what global standards they map to.

Metric Ratings

Not all metrics are created equal. With Novata’s difficulty ratings, you’ll know which metrics will be the most challenging to collect from the start.

Custom Metrics

The flexibility to add unique metrics material to your business or your portfolio companies’ business.

Choose the starting point that’s right for you.

Guidance & Guardrails

Data Collection

Novata simplifies the process of collecting ESG data with our secure, multi-user platform. We provide guidance on how to report metrics, calculators to transform raw data into metrics for submission, and guardrails to ensure high quality data is submitted. And when you need expert advice, our team is here to help.

Collect data in a single, secure, multi-user platform

Metric Guidance

For each metric, Novata provides clear guidance that describes what data is needed, where it can be found, and how to perform the right calculations.

Live Chat

When you need assistance, you have access to our experienced client success team—available via chat, email, or phone.


Insights are only as good as the quality of the data. We provide guardrails at the point of data entry, to maintain the highest data quality possible.


Our open architecture enables you to pull data in from other platforms and push data into other platforms.

Getting Insights and Taking Action

Reporting and
Action Planning

Our platform lets you easily analyze ESG performance, develop action plans, and share reporting with key stakeholders. You control access to your data, so you choose who sees your data and when they see it.

Data Visualization

Discover new insights about your portfolio’s ESG metrics with robust data visualization.


See how your fund and portfolio performance stack up to industry benchmarks.

Action Planning

Help companies focus and plan on improving their ESG metrics.

Downloadable Reports

Download reports to make reporting to stakeholders easier than ever.

Collect, report, and benchmark in one platform.

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