SFDR Simplified

Breaking Down the
EU’s Sustainable Finance
Disclosure Regulation

The EU’s Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is a mandatory regulation that increases transparency for sustainable investment products and sustainability claims made by financial market participants. The first disclosure deadline is coming up on June 30, creating a sense of urgency for investors around compliance.

Lists the four considerations for SFDR preparation

Four Considerations for
SFDR Preparation

The scope of SFDR is broad, extending beyond EU investors to include financial market participants who market, or appear to market, to clients in the region. Investors should take into account four considerations to ensure they are prepared to track and report in a timely manner.

The Annual SFDR Disclosure Timeline

Timeline of SFDR dates

Breaking Down Metric
Collection and PAI Calculation

Reporting on PAIs is a crucial component for SFDR regulation, but there are more questions than answers. Novata can help.

Lists considerations for SFDR PAIs

The Novata Solution

SFDR Data Collection and PAI Calculations Made Easy
An Extension of Your Team

Go beyond a technology solution and gain a team of experts that deliver unparalleled guidance to support your SFDR journey.

Data Collection

Novata simplifies the process of collecting ESG data with our secure, multi-user platform that includes built-in guidance, guardrails and expert support.

PAI Calculation

Use a PAI calculation process that fits your needs — choose between a guided walkthrough of the process or leave it to our team to make the calculations for you.

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