June 21, 2024

ESG Metrics Convergence Is Critical to Market Transparency

Laura Callaghan, Associate Director of ESG Services at Novata, joined the Sustainable Finance Podcast to chat with host Paul Ellis about the critical need for convergence and harmonization of ESG frameworks and metrics globally. Listen in as they explore the ESG metrics convergence initiatives and the frameworks that are key for market transparency, as well as the barriers that exist in achieving this convergence.

Topics covered include:

  • The need for ESG metric convergence and uncovering the main obstacles to achieving it
  • How investors can decide between the various ESG frameworks and standards to ensure consistency in ESG data
  • Outlining overlap in today’s regulations / standards – and how this can reduce the burden on GPs and portcos 
  • The implications of standardized ESG reporting for corporate disclosure practices and investor engagement – and to drive positive change and mitigate ESG-related risks

This episode of The Sustainable Finance Podcast originally aired on May 25, 2024.