CSRD Readiness Packages

Upskill your company on the CSRD

Build a strong foundation for ESRS data collection.

ESRS Readiness​

For companies that have not undertaken their double materiality assessment and require support to understand what the topics mean.

Gain the knowledge and tools needed to successfully understand the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) from a pragmatic perspective. We review material topics and the scope of work required for your business, identify stakeholders that will need to be involved in your double materiality assessment  and provide guidance and training to support buy-in.

Metric Screening

For companies that have completed their double materiality assessment but only have the list of material topics and not the full metrics list.

Novata Services and our Metrics team work with you to review your list of material topics and identify the relevant metrics needed to be collected, tracked, and reported as part of your CSRD disclosures.

Data Readiness

For companies that have their final ESRS metrics list and need support to prioritize what data to collect and how.

Novata Services assess your ESRS metrics list against your current data strategy and processes to identify the level of effort required, key stakeholders, and estimated timelines to collect the information required. We provide strategic guidance and operational best practices that enable you to reduce internal resource strain and maximize returns on your data collection efforts.

Have confidence in your ESRS data

Optimize your collection processes for data quality and completeness, identify improvement actions, and be confident in the data you will collect to comprise your final, independently-assured disclosure.  


Novata Services will review your preliminary ESRS data for completeness, quality, and strategic alignment; and then design a plan to improve your data collection workflow.


We work with you to understand what the data means, where your key risks and opportunities are, and how ESG performance can be improved toward measurable business outcomes.


Building on your assessment and performance opportunities, Novata Services create a Process Optimization Plan for your company that details actions and timelines to strengthen data governance, policies, and processes aligned to CSRD disclosures and broader sustainability objectives.

At Novata, we dive deep into CSRD and its requirements to help simplify and optimize your implementation processes.

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