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No matter where you are in your ESG journey—whether it’s determining which ESG metrics to track, executing the ESG data collection process, or building ESG reporting—Novata makes it easy.

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You’re already doing ESG: Here’s How to Make it Official

Organizations are responding to many ESG related concerns and have put in place ESG policies, especially with regards to Social practices. The question is therefore how to map existing efforts to a broader strategy and to track progress.

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4 Ways to Advance DEI in Private Markets

In March 2022, Novata’s Chief Impact Officer and Head of ESG Lorraine Wilson moderated a panel. In March 2022, Novata’s Chief Impact Officer and Head of ESG Lorraine Wilson moderated a panel.

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Breaking Down the Climate Disclosure Ecosystem

As pressure grows from ESG and climate regulators, stakeholders, and investors, companies have been increasingly disclosing climate data in line with their financial disclosures.

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ABC’s of ESG

Reporting frameworks and standards are key tools for identifying and evaluating ESG performance. They help companies understand, measure, and communicate their exposure to ESG risks and opportunities, while also promoting transparency with investors and engaging stakeholders. Take a deeper dive into each area of the ESG metrics:

Environmental icon


Metrics related to resource and energy use, waste, and other physical environmental issues. Examining environmental metrics helps companies assess key risks and opportunities, including potential areas for reputational damage. Common measures include emissions, water and energy consumption, and waste management.

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Metrics related to social concerns such as worker rights and safety, as well as customer privacy. Company disclosure on these metrics helps stakeholders gauge the contributions, and potential areas of risk, related to workers, consumers, and communities.

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Metrics related to a company’s ethics, policies and procedures. Common measures include board composition, transparency on management issues, and systemic risk management.

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Novata is a public benefit corporation created by a unique consortium of non-profit and for-profit organizations that are experts in social justice, financial data, and private markets.

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