Our Mission

Novata’s mission is to empower private markets to achieve a more sustainable and inclusive form of capitalism.

As a public benefit corporation, we are committed to creating value for all stakeholders. Our goal is to help private companies avoid fragmentation of ESG standards. We will achieve commercial sustainability by simplifying the process of collecting, analyzing, and benchmarking ESG metrics.

Our Values


We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and creating a culture of accountability.


When making strategic decisions, we seek to drive lasting value for all our stakeholders: customers, partners, investors, employees, and the communities and environments where we work.


We have built Novata to serve private markets for the long term. To reach our potential and create an enduring institution, we are assembling a talented and diverse team, and we are fostering a culture of inclusion that allows each of us to perform at our best.


The private sector can be a critical lever for change, and we seek to help steer capital where it can have the most positive impact.

“At the Ford Foundation, we are committed to supporting initiatives that enable meaningful progress toward a more inclusive form of capitalism. Novata’s solutions give investors the ability to better allocate capital with more effective consideration of purpose, inclusiveness and sustainability. Their tools will be an essential part of creating an economy that works for all.”

Darren Walker
President of the Ford Foundation

Our Business Principles

We’re dedicated to creating the greatest impact while ensuring commercial sustainability.

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The Novata Framework is free and available to all. We’ve built upon work already done in the industry and want to give back by ensuring the framework is accessible to all ecosystem participants.

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In the short term, we will charge a fair price for tools that reduce the time, inefficiency, and expense of ESG reporting.

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Over the long term, benchmarking will create the most significant value for our customers and will be where we generate most of our revenue.

“Private companies, and their investors, are a growing part of our economy, and have a critical role to play in contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable capitalism. We believe Novata provides a solution that will enable LPs, GPs, and companies to better manage their impact on people and the planet.”

Mike Kubzansky
CEO of Omidyar Network