Incidents of Corruption

G2.1.1 (optional)
Business Ethics, Corruption & Bribery
Confirmed Incidences of Corruption
Incidents of Corruption


This metric tracks the number of incidents in the last calendar year where allegations of corruption were found to be substantiated.

Expanded Definition

The GRI defines corruption as an “‘abuse of entrusted power for private gain’, which can be instigated by individuals or organizations.” Corruption includes “bribery, facilitation payments, fraud, extortion, collusion, and money laundering. It also includes an offer or receipt of any gift, loan, fee, reward, or other advantage to or from any person as an inducement to do something that is dishonest, illegal, or a breach of trust in the conduct of the enterprise’s business. This can include cash or in-kind benefits, such as free goods, gifts, and holidays, or special personal services provided for the purpose of an improper advantage, or that can result in moral pressure to receive such an advantage.”

The GRI clarifies that confirmed incidents of corruption do not include incidents that are still under investigation in the reporting period.

Optional reporting: you can upload a description of the confirmed incidents of corruption.