Days Lost Due to Injury

Employee Health & Safety
Days Lost Due to Injury
Total Days


Total days lost due to work-related injury within the last calendar year.

Expanded Definition

Time lost should be measured separately for each case of occupational injury leading to
temporary incapacity for work, of a maximum of one year. In order to assess the severity of the injury, time lost should be measured in terms of the number of calendar days during which the injured person is temporarily incapacitated, based on the information available at the time the statistics are compiled. If it is measured in workdays, attempts should be made to assess the total number of calendar days lost.

The time lost should be measured inclusively from the day after the date of the accident, to the day prior to the date of return to work. In the case of recurrent absences due to a single case of occupational injury, each period of absence should be measured as above, and the resulting number of days lost for each period summed to arrive at the total for the case of injury.

Temporary absences from work of less than one day for medical treatment should not be included in time lost.