Insightful Analytics and Reporting for Impact

You can only manage what you can measure.
Collect, report, and benchmark in one platform.
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Set a Baseline

A baseline is essential for comparing and analyzing data. Novata provides guidance so critical information is not overlooked or missed. Meaningful data analysis and comparison require consistency. We help you continue to collect the right data so you can track progress year-over-year.


Analyze for Insights

Our platform allows you to easily share reporting and analytics about your portfolio at the fund level to key stakeholders. You control access to data and permissioning to communicate your specific ESG performance to the right audience.


Inform Your Investment Decisions

Our platform will allow you to benchmark specific sub-metrics against comparable peers. Gain actionable insights that inform decisions about your investments, and compare your data anonymously to industry peers. No more comparisons that are too broad to have meaning.

“S&P Global is proud to be investing in much-needed innovation in ESG transparency and benchmarking in the private markets through the creation of Novata.”

Doug Peterson

CEO of S&P Global

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